Zoombombers disrupted a trial today involving the Florida teenager, who was accused of taking over top-class Twitter accounts, and forced the judge to drop the hearing. "During the hearing, the judge and lawyers were interrupted several times when people shouted racial insults, played music, and showed pornographic pictures," wrote ABC Action News in Tampa Bay. A pornhub video forced the judge to temporarily stop the hearing.

The zoom bomb occurred today when the thirteenth Florida court in Tampa held a trial against Graham Clark, who previously pleaded not guilty and has been reportedly held on bail of $ 725,000. Clark faces 30 crimes related to the July 15 Twitter attack that kidnapped reports of famous people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Joe Biden and used to push cryptocurrency fraud. Hackers also accessed direct messages for 36 high profile account holders.

Today judge Christopher Nash ruled against a motion to lower Clark's bail. Earlier, the judge had "stopped the hearing for a short time" when arguments were interrupted by "pornography … bad language and rap music," Fox 13 reporter Gloria Gomez wrote on Twitter.

"I remove people as quickly as I can when there's a problem," said Nash after a zoom bomber interrupted a lawyer. A non-work-safe part of the hearing was posted here by a Twitter user. The first 47 seconds are safe to watch and include Nash's comment on how to remove Zoombombers, but the rest of the video contains the Pornhub clip that caused Nash to end the hearing.

Problems continued after the hearing resumed, the Tampa Bay Times wrote:

Hoping that a brief pause would filter out the breakers, Nash reopened the meeting. But users who had disguised their names as CNN and BBC News resumed their interruptions.

Nash was ultimately able to rule and refused to lower the bail. However, he removed the requirement that Clark must prove the legitimacy of his assets. Lawyers have said he has $ 3 million in Bitcoin under his control.

The judge will need a password next time

The court has apparently not taken any fundamental steps to prevent the hearing from being compromised. We wrote a guide to securing zoom meetings in April. We recommend that you ensure that meetings are password-protected, use the zoom settings to restrict screen sharing, and lock meetings as soon as they run to prevent unauthorized people from joining later.

"The zoom hearing for the 17-year-old suspected Twitter hacker in Florida was expected to be bombed multiple times, with the final bombing of a Pornhub clip ending the zoom portion of the process," security reporter Brian Krebs wrote on Twitter. "How the judge in charge of the trial did not think of enabling settings that would prevent people from viewing the screen is a mystery to me. I suspect he didn't know he could."

Nash will need a password next time, according to WFLA reporter Ryan Hughes.

Clark would have to pay $ 72,500 or 10 percent of the deposit to get out of jail before the trial, the Tampa Bay Times wrote. Clark has been accused of a number of organized fraud cases, 11 cases of fraudulent use of personal data, one case of unauthorized access to a computer or electronic device, and 17 cases of communication fraud.


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