Our TVs are those massive black screens (when they're not on) that hang in our living rooms. You could also call them an integral part of a home, but who can say they can't look great at the same time? If you are looking for a unique device, you might be interested to know that Xiaomi announced the transparent Mi TV Lux OLED Edition.

As the name and the accompanying photo suggest, it is a completely see-through television. This means that when not in use, a frame is basically hanging on the wall or sitting on top of a TV cabinet. When switched on, Xiaomi claims that it gives off the illusion of images floating in thin air.

Now we haven't seen this for ourselves so we're not sure what it might look like in real life, but this is not a new technology. LG has been working on transparent displays for some time and demonstrated them at CES. The transparent OLED edition from Mi TV Lux uses the 55-inch panels from LG. Further technical data include a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a color depth of 10 bits and a response time of 1 ms.

The company has also set it at 49,999 yuan, which is roughly $ 7,200 after the switch. We're not sure if they have any plans to roll it out outside of China, but it's interesting to see how this technology gets commercialized.

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