One thing we don't usually talk about when we talk about cars is how much it costs to own them. We talk about the purchase price and are sometimes amazed at stupid option prices, etc., but we almost never get into the background of the monthly costs.

The guy who runs the DragTimes YouTube channel – also known as Brooks Weisblat – chose to do just that, but instead of doing it in a car for mere mortals, he ran the numbers on a one-year-old Bugatti Chiron Sport. Those numbers, friends, are borderline panic.

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Since the Chiron in question was a year old, the dealer who sold it initially offered a $ 200,000 discount. This may seem pretty cute as it is enough to get a nice down payment on a Los Angeles home, but it's a sucker for a car that costs $ 3.5 million. Next, he wanted to trade his almost new Ferrari F8 Tributo, which the dealership would offer him $ 10,000 above MSRP. Again, not bad, but it doesn't mean much on a $ 350,000 car.

Well, Mr. Weisblat doesn't want to buy the Chiron directly. Instead, he tries to lease it (something Bugatti is shocking to offer, although according to this dealer it is), and that's how he gets the numbers for 24- and 36-month leases with an allowance of 2,500 miles per year. It's worth noting that around $ 4,000 of the monthly charge in taxes only before we hit the actual lease amount.

How much does it cost to lease a year-old Bugatti Chiron? $ 65,960 per month for 24 months. That drops another $ 10,000 if he gets a 36-month lease, but either way, that's an insane amount of money. By comparison, the median income for 2019 was $ 68,703. According to Experian, the average payment for a three-year lease in the U.S. in 2019 was $ 450.

What do you think? Could you justify spending the average household's annual income in a month renting a 1,500 horsepower carbon fiber hypercar? Weisblat couldn't, so he ordered a Ferrari SF90 Stradale instead.

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