Apple will be launching its AirTags accessories shortly, which means companies like Tile will have some competition. To make Tile's products more attractive, the company has since announced a new warranty program that will pay you $ 1,000 if you can't find your device that has a Tile tracker attached to it.

However, this is similar to taking out insurance in that you must subscribe to this program to benefit from it. It's called Premium Protect and it costs customers $ 100 a year. However, if you can't find your device that the tile tracker is connected to within seven days, you can claim up to $ 1,000 from the company.

CJ Prober, CEO of Tile, said, “We have built a tracing service over the past seven years to resolve the common pain of losing everyday items. We are so confident in what we have built that we are expanding our promise to offer our customers the ultimate level of protection. If we can't find the item refund, we'll refund it to you – it's that simple. "

$ 100 is a lot of money to pay per year. However, if you want the peace of mind that if you lose your device, you might be able to get some money back, this might be a plan to look into. For more information on Premium Protect, visit Tile's website.

Saved in Gadgets. Read more about tiles. Source: prnewswire


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