Thanks to Apple's iPad professionals, who now offer support for the trackpad, companies like Logitech will bring keyboard accessories to the iPad professionals with integrated trackpads. The resulting design is a tablet that looks like a laptop, but if you don't like the design, you're in luck.

Since then, a device called Mokibo has been introduced on Kickstarter, which claims to be an iPad Pro keyboard accessory with the trackpad integrated into the keyboard. The trackpad is hidden under the keys on the right side of the keyboard. So you can slide your fingers over the buttons to access the trackpad, or tap them when you want to type normally.

According to the creators, there is a touch sensor under the right half of the keyboard that apparently can detect when the keyboard is used as a keyboard and when it is used as a mouse. In theory, it should not interfere with your normal input when the trackpad function is not used.

The Mokibo costs $ 79 for early risers, but is expected to cost $ 170 when released. While it's not exactly cheap, it's almost half the price of what Apple charges for its Magic Keyboard accessories. So it might be worth looking at.

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