Some of us have sweaty palms, and after using the mouse for a long time it can get pretty nasty (they say that our peripherals are actually dirtier than a toilet bowl). If you have sweaty palms, you should check out the Zephyr gaming mouse, which actually has a built-in fan.

The trend in mice nowadays seems to have sports designs that have holes in the surface, presumably to make airflow easier and to make a lighter mouse (since there are fewer materials), but the Zephyr will be the first mouse who we are Note that an active fan is built in.

The fan speed can also be set between 4,000 and 10,000rpm, although at 10,000rpm we have to ask if it is loud enough to be annoying. As PCGamer points out, there is also the problem of cleaning and how players are expected to service the fan to avoid dust accumulation.

Apart from that, the Zephyr looks like a pretty standard mouse with two side buttons, three top buttons and a scroll wheel that also functions as a button. The mouse is expected to be launched on July 22 at Kickstarter with a special price of "Super Early Bird" for $ 79. So if you're interested, you can log in to the website to be notified when it finally starts.

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