The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack Review: A smart DLC

"With Nifty Knitting, The Sims 4's expansion package strategy hits a sweet spot."

  • Versatile item list

  • Knitting feels relevant to gameplay

  • Extras like Plopsy are fun

With Nifty Knitting, The Sims 4 delivers what players want by asking players what they want.

The latest stuff pack is a product of people's choice. Electronic Arts opened the latest topic, style, and articles online for voting before the final Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack was released. It clearly paid off.

This DLC fits at its $ 10 price tag, offering new Create-a-Sim and Build items, and a new ability to grow. There is also a new knitting wish for Sims. The Sims 4 are a bit lacking in this area and they don't often pursue hobbies. A claim for Sims newbies is a goal in life. Trying to fulfill a Sim's wish is one way to play. If you succeed, your Sim will get a new trait.

The screenshot of the Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff PackPhoto courtesy of Electronic Arts

My Sim was a teacher during the day, knitter at night. I focused on achieving my goals instead of climbing the career ladder as quickly as possible. It felt realistic and fun and I found that the game didn't offer many similar options. Comparable hobbies such as woodworking and flower arrangement enable growth and the opportunity to unlock new crafting items that you can sell. However, there is no effort to build on it, so success is not rewarded so richly.

Stuff pack stuff

Like many fans, I often have concerns about how the components (furniture, decorations or architectural details) feel excessively crazy. The Sims 4 love to incorporate colorful items instead of simple basics.

Nifty knitting doesn't go too crazy, however. There are simple desk and seating options with enough color fields to match multiple color schemes. It's easy to compare the Nifty Knitting items with other DLC or basic game options, but they also feel coherent. Objects such as desks and breadboards seem to fit easily in any office or studio. There are some garments that are separate from those unlocked by the knitting skill. These felt useful and realistic.

The screenshot of the Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff PackPhoto courtesy of Electronic Arts

There are also a few short hairstyles. These androgynous looks can complement a number of Sims styles, and I guess one contains gray roots. There's also a 50's-style feathered bob. With the exception of the gray appearance, all can be worn by children. I was wondering why more hairstyles aren't available at every age.

The knitting ability slowly unlocks craft items such as hats, sweaters, socks, hanging planters, decorations, carpets and stools. The decorations and stools give the game a unique flair, and I was happy to be able to make my own carpet or planter instead of buying one in the game. You can also knit baby and toddler rompers, which I found particularly enjoyable as there are very few options for these age groups. Babies have extremely limited clothing options, so I was happy to see the addition here.

Still, my Sim made far more items than I could ever use. I sold the extras on Plopsy, a fictional variant of Etsy. You can put your item up for sale, but there is no guarantee of how much you will get or if they will even get a buyer. The listing costs 10 Simoleons and another 10 if you need to re-list if you don't find a buyer before the listing expires. The game also gives buyers and sellers their own usernames based on Sims lore.

Our opinion

This extension is a good value. The Sims 4 struggled to get the upgrade price right with some previous offerings. However, Nifty Knitting and the former Stuff Pack, Tiny Living, have hit a sweet spot. They offer meaningful additions to the game at an affordable price of $ 10.

Is there a better alternative?

Every DLC package that the Sims bring out in one generation should be unique. However, if you're looking for other options with a similar flair, Laundry Day (another pack developed by fan voting) or Tiny Living are good options. Parenting is probably the most free game pack, especially for those who enjoy family games. Cats and dogs or seasons would be great options for expansion packs with an appropriate style.

How long it will take?

Sims DLC should last as long as the game, that is, as long as you play it. However, some options like Get Famous or Vampires seem to work best for a particular run before the issues become obsolete.

Nifty Knitting can be easily integrated into all games and is therefore much longer lasting.

Should you buy it

Yes. Nifty Knitting is a simple addition to the list of Sims DLC must-haves.

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