Missile League hopes to attract a new group of fans by switching to free-to-play this summer. Free-to-play, also known as "freemium", means that you can play the popular video game without upfront costs. Different upgrades and game modes are likely to be moved behind a pay wall. Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League, hasn't given a date for the change, only that it will happen later this summer.

In the Rocket League, you play a fast-paced car football game with a proportionally large ball in rocket-propelled cars that can fly in controlled spurts. You can play the game on a variety of systems, including PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Rocket League even supports cross-platform gaming, so PC players can challenge PS4 players in a match.

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In addition to switching to free-to-play, Rocket League will also switch to a new PC gaming platform. Found earlier on Steam, it switches to Epic Games Store later this summer when it moves to freemium.

Epic acquired Psyonix in 2019, so the move makes sense, and the free-to-play model has proven extremely successful for the parent company in their hit game Fourteen days.

In Tuesday's announcement blog post, Psyonix made it clear that the Rocket League action will remain the same and anyone who already has a copy can continue to play the game and enjoy all features and future updates. PC players using Steam can continue to play the game on Steam. You just can't buy a new copy on Steam once it's toggled.

Current game owners will also receive some bonuses to show their "legacy" status. Psyonix has not clarified which elements of the game should be placed behind the paywall. The Rocket League currently costs $ 20 on the platform of your choice.

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