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Since the pandemic, Nintendo has struggled to keep up with the demand for Switch and Switch Lite. However, according to a recent GameSpot report, production of the Switch console is back in full swing – or at least close to it. That's in line with what we saw in August: the console is showing up in online stores like Best Buy and Amazon at the regular price of $ 300.

Of course it's still sold out within a few minutes. But now that we see it in stores regularly, let's try to keep track of it. We'll be updating this story regularly, but you should click your way through below as inventory status changes frequently by the minute.


As of August 21, Nintendo Switch consoles will not be available to purchase online for $ 300 on Amazon.

Best buy

Game stop

To update: As of August 21, Nintendo Switch consoles will not be available to purchase online for $ 300 on Gamestop.

Not in stock

What's a good price for the Switch?

Unsurprisingly, there is no "deal" in the above stores. The price is fixed at $ 299.99, which is the regular MSRP. In fact, it's been a while since we've seen any type of Switch discount. (Holidays, 2019, if reminder serves.)

For bundles and used consoles sold for more than $ 400 or more, payment of "only" the suggested retail price is a profit for that product. (And don't worry: Nintendo has already confirmed this No plans for Switch to continue this year.)

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This post will be updated regularly when inventory changes occur.

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