If you want to turn your home into a smart one, it can get pretty expensive once you start adding things up. However, if you are not looking for something important and maybe just like the idea of ​​remotely controlling your devices like your lights, you should check out the latest Wemo WiFi Smart Plug from Belkin.

The device was originally announced at CES 2020 and now seems to be finally available for purchase. If you missed the original announcement, it is an intelligent connector to which you can also connect normal non-intelligent devices, e.g. B. a table lamp. This means that your device will get some “smart” features after connecting, e.g. B. the ability to remotely control operations on your phone.

It's limited in functionality compared to a full-featured smart appliance, but should be good enough to get you started. It is also relatively inexpensive and could be an affordable entry point to make your home smarter. The price is $ 25 and Apple's HomeKit platform is also supported.

While Belkin is no stranger to Smart Plug, its latest offering offers a smaller footprint that should make it less noticeable. If you are interested, visit the Belkin website to place your order.

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