In the past, we've seen different stories about how the Apple Watch saved a life thanks to its built-in heart rate tracking capabilities. According to a new post on Reddit, it now looks like another life could possibly have been saved. According to the poster, a 22-year-old, his Apple Watch warned him of an Afib even though he showed no symptoms.

Well, according to the various comments in the thread, some users seem to advise him not to be concerned, since a 22-year-old shouldn't have any heart problems for the most part, and that the reading could be wrong. However, the poster points out that it could possibly be a problem as it "can literally feel the difference in stroke intervals".

He also indicated that it was 48 hours and although it was tested and showed all signs of normal, it was 48 hours and it still hasn't gone away. Apart from that, the comments on Reddit have been repeated in the past by some medical professionals, with some pointing out that the Apple Watch is by no means a medical device and that its measurements may not always be 100% accurate.

We wish the poster all the best and hope that nothing is wrong, but it is hard to ignore that many lives have been saved in the past thanks to our wearables and that a second opinion would certainly not hurt.

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