Parallel parking can be a challenge even for the most experienced drivers, especially when there is little scope.

Anyone looking for a more efficient way to do their job can take a lesson or two from these incredible stunt drivers (below) who clearly don't have time to switch gears and check the mirrors. Instead, they prefer to approach the space at speed before hitting the brakes to slip into position.

Some of them are so good at performing the tricky process that they have set Guinness World Records for their efforts.

To celebrate the feat of parking a car in the most unusual way, the benchmarking organization released a video this week that shows some of the best performances to date.

The British stunt driver Alastair Moffatt is clearly a master of maneuver and holds the record for the narrowest parallel park and also the narrowest parallel park in the opposite direction, in which he approaches the space at high speed backwards before braking, sliding and turning the vehicle into the Room. The entertaining camera in the car offers a rather disoriented view that looks like the vehicle is completely out of control, although Moffatt knows exactly what he's doing.

There is even a record for the closest parallel park with a truck that Chinese stunt driver Zhang Hua has achieved. To see the big vehicle slip majestically into the parking lot without hitting anything is truly an unforgettable sight.

Best of all, however, is Moffatt's spectacular 360-degree drift into a tiny parking lot. It would certainly be a stylish way to get to your destination, but if you haven't practiced the procedure thoroughly, you should probably stick to more conventional movements to shut down your engine.

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