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If you get fit during quarantine After your workout playlist has played, Spotify is now offering your DJ your next workout session with a custom workout soundtrack. The company launched its latest algorithmic feature on Wednesday, which uses a combination of your taste and quiz selection to create a uniquely personal get-fit mix.

To use the function, first select your preferred content and the length of your training, then answer a short quiz – your preferred "mood", the number of participants, which genres should be included – and upload a picture if you would like. Spotify will then create the playlist for you.

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"In the past two months, Spotify listeners have created over 1 million playlists titled" Workout, "so it's clear that users are looking for new songs to add to their fitness mixes," said Spotify in a blog post.

CNET's first test run of the service produced mixed results in a playlist that was slightly slower than expected a solid welding session However, since each user's library is unique, your mileage may vary.

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