Slack accused Microsoft of antitrust practices in the European Union on Wednesday.

Slack filed a complaint against the technology giant with the European Commission, claiming that it had used its dominant market share to drive customers to Microsoft Teams, the company's online collaboration tool, according to Slack's official statement.

Slack claims that Microsoft tied team to the office suite, forced millions to download the app, and prevented it from being removed. Slack is asking the EU regulator to force Microsoft to sell teams as a standalone product instead of selling it with its office suite.

"This is much larger than Slack compared to Microsoft – this is a proxy for two very different philosophies for the future of digital ecosystems, gateways versus gatekeepers," said Jonathan Prince, vice president of communications and politics at Slack, in the company's complaint announcement . “Slack offers an open, flexible approach that reinforces the threat to Microsoft because it is a gateway to innovative, world-class technology that competes with the rest of the Microsoft stack and gives customers the freedom to develop solutions that meet their needs . We want to be the 2% of your software budget that make the other 98% more valuable. You want 100% of your budget every time. "

The European Commission must investigate Slack's complaint and decide whether to initiate a formal investigation against Microsoft.

Both Slack and Microsoft teams offer fairly similar conversation threads for messages, including plain text and tagging.

Microsoft asked Digital Trends for a comment. We will update this story when we hear something.

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