Twitch is now addressing allegations of sexual assault on a case-by-case basis after a number of allegations of sexual misconduct.

According to a blog post on Wednesday, the live stream platform is now investigating "the latest allegations of sexual abuse and harassment by Twitch streamers and the measures we have taken". "We'll review every uncovered case as quickly as possible, taking reasonable care while evaluating these serious allegations."

Twitch prioritizes any claim by severity, "and will begin issuing permanent suspensions based on our knowledge."

"We are also committed to continuing our efforts to make Twitch a safer environment with more tools to combat harassment and hatred," said Twitch. "We are currently reviewing our hate and harassment policies, improved detection of objectionable usernames, improvements to AutoMod and our list of prohibited words, and other projects that focus on reducing harassment and hate behavior."

Victims of sexual assault on the platform can report cases of harassment or misconduct through "reporting tools on each streamer's channel page".

While Twitch recognizes its limitations in finding solutions to common problems such as sexual assault, the company takes its “responsibility as a service to our community” seriously. We will continue to investigate allegations against Twitch-related individuals and how Twitch can work with other industry leaders on this important matter. "

Twitch's commitment comes days after CEO Emmett Shear's promise to target victims of sexual assault on the platform.

Streamers replied to Twitch's statements about sexual misconduct. The twitching streamer Katie Robinson said, "Statements are cool, but if you've done the opposite in the past, I won't believe what you say until I see action," said The Verge.

"There must be harsher consequences for people doing such predatory things on the platform," Nati Casanova told The Verge.

Since Twitch's announcement, Dr. Dispect, which had more than 4 million followers on the platform, was banned.

"As is our process, we take appropriate action if we have evidence that a streamer violated our community policies or terms of use," a Twitch spokesman told Digital Trends. "These apply to all streamers, regardless of status or awareness in the community."

Twitch has been facing this dilemma for some time, as the series of allegations shows, and the streaming platform now seems determined to tackle the problem directly. Although it's just a start, Twitch's actions and statements are a change in the right direction.

Updated June 26, 2020: News has been released about the ban on Dr. Disrepect and Twitch's response added.

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