Amazon announced a number of new products on Thursday, September 24th, including Ring & # 39; s Always Home Cam.

The Always Home Cam is a security drone designed to autonomously fly from room to room and check that your belongings are safe while you are away. It will of course connect to your smartphone. So if there is an unwanted visitor present, you can watch your home being broken into in real time instead of wondering about it when you arrive.

However, according to Ring's first video ad (below) for the new device, the company hopes that the mere sight of a camera-equipped drone buzzing menacingly in the air will be enough to convince an intruder to escape before they have a chance to snap something.

The ad shows the burglar forcing his way into a house and Ring's $ 250 always-home cam kicking into action. The homeowner receives a warning on their phone and watches the drone's livestream as the flying machine finds its way through the property until it finds the unwanted guest.

A determined burglar could throw the drone out of the air or throw something over it – or even steal it – but the one in the ad is visibly alarmed at being confronted with a security drone. He's unwilling to wait to see if a firearm is attached (spoiler: not) and immediately does a U-turn.

Have you ever received an alert and want to see what happens right away? The Ring Always Home Cam will be happy to help. This compact, lightweight, autonomously flying indoor camera offers even better visibility when you are not at home. More information: (USA only)

– Ring (@ring) September 24, 2020

The idea behind the security drone seems to be that you don't have to buy separate cameras for each room. However, you need to trust its autonomous flight skills and be sure it doesn't scare any pets that you have around your house every time the machine starts up.

Ring's Always Home Cam reminds us of the Aire security drone from a few years ago, which strangely looked more like a flying Amazon Echo. But this product never made it onto the market.

It is also reminiscent of Sunflower Labs' Bee Security Drone, which was specifically designed to monitor your home, although that particular product is still under development.

Here is everything that was announced at the Amazon 2020 event this week.

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