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Affordability is difficult with electric cars. Even electric vehicles for the mass market are often difficult to reach for the average car buyer, especially when you consider how far a dollar expands in a traditional car with an engine.

Can you seduce Kandi and his K27 with an unusually low price? This is a Chinese electric car that will be the cheapest electric vehicle in the U.S. later this year. Kandi unveiled the K27 on Wednesday alongside the more expensive K23 model and plans to showcase both cars during a virtual event on August 18.

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The K27 only costs $ 19,999. Kandi promises that it is an uncomplicated price. And that's before Tax credit of $ 7,500. Take the tax credit into account and the price quickly turns to $ 12,999. It's cheap for every new car, but the price is reflected in the look of the K27.

Frankly, it looks kind of weird Clever and Mini Cooper Combination. If it snaps your neck, it's because viewers are curious about what the hell just went past them. We only have a photo of the interior, but it also looks pretty straightforward. There's a tablet-style infotainment screen (with a blue display that looks bricked up in the photo?) And a gear selector switch underneath. Next to it is a dial for different modes. I would not expect any soft touch points or anything special, but it should tick the box for basic transportation.

Under the strange design sits a single electric motor that draws its power from a 17.69 kilowatt hour battery. Drivers should be able to travel 100 miles on a single charge, and Kandi admits that it won't be the car for long road trips. It is more suitable for city dwellers.

While the price of the K27 makes headlines, the K23 seems more geared towards American drivers. It's a little hatchback that looks like an uncomfortable mashup between a Honda fit and a smart, but the cockpit looks good enough. There's a big vertical touchscreen in the middle, and the materials look much better. On the other hand, we only have a few photos of the car.

The K23 is more expensive at $ 29,999 before tax credits, but Kandi says it will travel 188 miles for a fee. I can't tell if it's a weird or a clever suggestion. A Nissan LeafIt looks much, much nicer and costs about $ 1,600 more, but it only has a range of 150 miles. A Chevy Bolt EV is more than $ 5,000 more, but it grabs a range of 259 miles.

I think we have to see if the Americans put their hands in the candy jar. The K27 and K23 will be launched in the Dallas-Fort Worth region at the end of this year.

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