The classic first person shooter Quake can be downloaded for free from the Bethesda Launcher during QuakeCon 2020. Quake II will follow after the online event.

Quake, developed by id Software, was released in 1996. For the 25th annual QuakeCon, Bethesda is giving away the classic game to everyone for free.

It's the 25th annual #QuakeCon, and to celebrate a quarter of a century of #Quake, we're giving away the game that started it all during QuakeCon at home for FREE on D8K4A0pZAc Launcher!

– QuakeCon (@QuakeCon) August 7, 2020

Players who wish to purchase the free version of Quake will need to log into the Bethesda Launcher with a account during QuakeCon 2020. Digital Trends has reached out to Bethesda to clarify the exact time the offering will end. The final segment scheduled for the event is for The Evil Within 2, which begins August 9 at 10 p.m. ET.

In addition to Quake, Bethesda will offer Quake II as a free download after fundraising to charities surpasses the $ 10,000 mark. The sequel will also be available shortly after the event on the Bethesda Launcher, the schedule that Digital Trends was also looking for Bethesda for.

Players who sign up for QuakeCon 2020 and interact with the official Bethesda Twitter accounts and the event will also have the opportunity to win freebies, including video game consoles and game accessories.

Downfall Eternal expansion

At QuakeCon 2020, Bethesda and id Software teased Doom Eternal – The Ancient Gods, Part One. The campaign expansion, the first for the game, will release its first trailer at the Gamescom Opening Night Live event on August 27th.

Hugo Martin, Game Director of Doom Eternal, said the DLC is "very cool" and will feel like a "comic". The title of the expansion also suggests that more are on the way.

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