Pay $ 40 to become a member for a year and get $ 45 back to spend in the store.

Sam's club

If you've always wanted to join a camp club but didn't have the idea of ​​paying an annual fee, this is the deal for you. For a limited time, the ZDNet Academy offers a 1 year Sam & # 39; s club membership for $ 40 with promo code CLUBFIVE. You will then receive a pair of Sam & # 39; s Club Gift Cards with a total value of $ 45. This not only makes your membership free, but also brings an additional $ 5 in your pocket.

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Here are the details: Approximately 10 days after your membership is activated, you will receive an $ 25 e-gift card for use in the Sam & # 39; s Club. (As always, there may be some restrictions on how you can use this card. For example, alcohol is usually prohibited.)

After spending at least $ 20 on, you will receive a gift card for $ 20. This takes about three weeks to arrive.

The offer only applies to new Sam & # 39; s Club members and residents of the United States. Also note that after the first year, your membership will automatically renew at the regular rate unless you cancel.

This is an exclusive cheapskate, folks, and the only time I can remember that you are actually making money by signing up for Sam & # 39; s club membership.

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