Sims will have a new way to make money and pass the time in Nifty Knitting.

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According to a release from EA, the Sims 4 get a new pack this month. Nifty Knitting will be available on July 28th for Mac, PC, Xbox One and PS4. The Simmers community voted for the new community-based stuff pack last March.

In Nifty Knitting, your Sims can learn a new hobby and enjoy new in-game items such as a rocking chair, yarn, knitwear, and updated hairstyles. Practice knitting to improve your skills, unlock new knitting styles and teach other Sims how to knit. Your Sim can also sell its handmade goodies on the in-game marketplace Plopsy.

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Check out the Nifty Knitting Trailer here:

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The Sims 4 recently made their debut Eco Lifestyle extension package that focuses on conservation and sustainable living. Sims can monitor, recycle, and participate in the community to help make the city greener. If you take steps towards sustainability, you will see the fruits of your work over time. If you don't, you will see that too.

The Sims get one too This month comes a new reality game show called Spark & ​​# 39; d. In the TBS series with four episodes, 12 participants will play the life simulation game, master timed challenges and present creative characters in a unique, coherent Sims story to a jury of prominent judges. The last standing wins $ 100,000.

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