What is Network Penetration Testing?

Network Penetration Testing (NPT) is used for measuring the performance of the internal and external components in your network. It is a tool used for analyzing the network performance by using the tools and procedures of a complete computer network system analysis (CCSA). The main objective of network penetration testing is to test and examine the integrity of the communication channel between data centers and clients. Penetration testing refers to the test of any part of the network, which is not accessible by normal users. Penetration testing can be done by using different types of tools such as routers, switches, firewalls, routers, switches, firewalls, and sometimes even some other tools.

Network Penetration Testing Steps:-

Penetration testing generally performs two types of steps: Internal and External. Penetration testing is generally done in both of these two cases:

o External Networking – Definition The external network is the part of a computer network which is beyond the visibility of regular users. The primary purpose of this network is the sharing of information between different computers or organizations. Network Penetration Test (NPT) is done on the part of an outside network to test the network security and performance. External network testing helps in determining the weak points of the internal network that can be exploited by an outside attacker.

o Internal Networking – Definition Penetrating an internal network is an internal network that is visible to a user. Internal network testing can include network configuration management (NCMD), network service layer (NSL), security and threat management (STMM), and other types of network diagnostics.

o Network Inspection – Definition The main objective of network penetration testing is to discover all the defects present in the network without requiring any interaction from the users. Network inspection refers to the process of examining the overall performance of the network in order to identify its weak areas and to improve it.

When you are dealing with network testing, you should always use a Penetration Tool that allows easy connection of the users to the testing tool so that they can easily run their own test without any intervention. There are many Penetration Tools available on the market such as Wireshark, Snort, and Ntop. The Penetration Tools acts like a gateway from an attacker to an infected host by showing the attack script that is executed through a series of network attacks.

While performing network penetration testing, make sure that you configure your system to detect all possible network attacks and not just the ones being used. You also need to have an active scan tool installed so that you can quickly look up the data contained in the results of your network penetration testing to help you identify possible vulnerabilities.

When doing network penetration testing, it is important to remember that there are two types of attacks – the external and internal. The purpose of an internal attack is to find vulnerabilities in the network, while an external attack is done to steal information and to compromise the integrity of the network.

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