Nimue and Arthur.


Netflix & # 39; s Cursed, an R-rated fantasy series that reinterprets Arthurian legends, has a lot to offer. A coming-of-age story that follows a youthful nimue, also known as Lady of the Lake. In its 10 episodes it tries to juggle war, love story, medieval quest over land and a famous fate that is ripe to be undermined.

After a promising start, however, it becomes clear that Cursed does not know exactly what kind of show it wants to be and does not combine all of these elements into a coherent unit. Cursed appears to be torn between the drama of young adults and R-rated violence, and seems to decide that the best way to get into the Game of Thrones territory is with political intrigue and a single impressive one-shot battle sequence hike.

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The sprawling English valleys are beautiful, and some of the images are reminiscent of co-creators Frank Miller – Sin City, 300, and the graphic novel on which the show is based. But disappointingly, Cursed's biggest curse comes on his main character.

The show ultimately fails because of her young protagonist, who has the cool promise of a heroine with swords to lead her people to freedom. Instead, Nimue fidgets in romance and absurd decisions, without a real personality that makes her shine as the powerful sorceress she chose.

Note: Smaller spoilers ahead.

We start when Nimue (13 reasons why Katherine is Langford) is selected as the next hidden summoner. The role involves protecting their druids by using their gift to invoke the elements.

Instead, Nimue rejects the position and calls it a curse. She complains to her people that they have driven them away after a demonic encounter has drawn them physically and mentally from childhood.


Pym and Nimue.


Along with comic relief's best friend, Pym (Lily Newmark), Nimue heads to the docks, but instead of getting the next ship from there, they come across Arthur, played by Devon Terrell – the first black actor to step in the role is occupied.

Like most characters with legendary names that appear on the show, Arthur has some quirks that characterize him as different from what we've traditionally seen. Aside from a beautiful singing voice, he's an unkempt knight who charms Nimue and creates a love story that ultimately lacks authentic moments to earn the sparks that fly.

When the Red Paladins, magical hate agents of the church, invade Nimue's village, it is her job to bring the sword of power to Merlin (Vikings Gustaf Skarsgård). But Merlin isn't at his magical best and drinks his worries away instead of doing what his boss, an irritated Uther Pendragon, asks him to do.

Politics among kings, including Viking leader Ice King and warrior queen Red Spear, is boiling in the background and will soon envelop Nimue. She also has to decide what to do with the sword of power that everyone wants.

While it is refreshing to see Nimue shed her traditional antagonistic role and hand over more than just Excalibur to Arthur, she fails in a similar way to Daenerys Targaryen. After changing from a naive queen to a religious figure that inspired the oppressed, Nimue pushed himself into an act that takes away all this triumph.


Katherine Langford as Nimue.


It's frustrating after seeing them grow throughout the series. Finally, she takes on her responsibility as leader of the Fey and makes some important decisions that pay off and above all gather the Fey logs of the forest type. She even deserves a memorable title like the Wolf Blood Witch.

But then she throws the sword into a ravine in a sudden rage, and a figure actually calls her to be inappropriately "whiny". She never takes an episode with a mentor to explore the limits of her rare magic, or gets a triumphant moment to bite her demons back. Even worse, she is limited to the sidelines in the final fight to save her people and stop the "age of men".

Nimue dips her foot into the heroine she is said to have with a Wonder Woman pump-up moment at the end of the first episode. Despite its fascinating turn to a legendary figure, Cursed has no lasting effect. Spread out long and thin, the focused pace and the otherworldly atmosphere fades when the politics of Game of Thrones gets in the way at the surface level. The show is set for a second season, but the most interesting aspects of its story seem to be behind it.

Cursed is now available on Netflix.

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