If you've ever browsed the r / Battlestations subreddit, you may find that many of these setups share the use of Nanoleaf's LED wall panels. If you're looking to set up something similar for yourself, you might be interested to know that Nanoleaf has since revealed some new shapes.

These shapes are Shapes Triangles and Shape Mini Triangles that complement the company's offering, such as the hexagon design and the square panels. This means that users have more options to customize their wall panels to create new and intricate shapes by combining the triangles with the company's other shapes.

For the most part, they are similar in function to the other forms where they are HomeKit compatible. This means that you can use them together with Siri and control them with the Home app on an iOS device. According to Nanoleaf, these new triangles are also different from the company's previous offerings, where they have slightly rounded and smaller corners.

If you're looking to get your hands on these new shapes, the Nanoleaf Shape Triangles start at $ 199 for a set of seven, while the Shape Mini Triangles start at $ 119 for a set of five.

Saved in Apple> Gadgets> Home. Read more about Connected Objects, HomeKit and IoT (Internet of Things). Source: Macrumors


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