Just in time for the new school year, Microsoft introduced Minecraft: Education Edition on Chromebooks.

Minecraft: Education Edition is deployed in collaboration with the Google Education team on Chrome OS and, according to a blog post on the program's official website, it offers the same functionality as the versions for Windows, Mac and iPads, including cross-platform support.

Minecraft: Education Edition is based on Minecraft, the hugely popular block building game, and provides students with a learning platform with hundreds of lessons, design challenges, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curricula and templates that teachers can use to create their own activities to create. The program is also able to support social-emotional learning by offering the opportunity to socialize in-game and collaborate on projects.

In addition to launching on Chromebooks, Microsoft is updating Minecraft: Education Edition with new features to support remote and hybrid learning, such as: B. an improved lesson library that makes finding lessons easier. Students and teachers also get access to 11 new STEM lessons and a new world developed with the American Beekeeping Federation's Kids and Bees program to teach everything about honeybees and pollination.

Schools that want to give their students access to Minecraft: Education Edition must purchase a Microsoft 365 for Education license. A Microsoft account is currently required to sign in. However, according to the blog post, signing in with a Google account is in development.

Training during COVID-19

As schools move to alternative learning models in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft is showing collaboration support in the distance learning section of the official Minecraft: Education Edition website and including classrooms with dedicated toolkits for lessons and other resources. The program can also be used to host digital events such as virtual promotions and even create in-game replicas of school grounds.

Schools, colleges and universities have had to adapt in the age of the coronavirus, and millions of families suddenly had to figure out how distance learning can work for them. With its introduction to Chromebooks, Minecraft: Education Edition can help more students and teachers transition to new ways of learning.

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