While Tesla is known for its electric cars, the company occasionally launches products that raise eyebrows. For example, the company has launched iPhone cases, surfboards, and power banks, and now it looks like Tesla may soon expand to, or at least be involved in, smartwatches.

This emerges from an FCC notification in which a Norway-based wearable company called Xplora filed a filing for an upcoming device. In the submission, they listed Tesla as one of the companies involved in the project. The exact nature of this device is unclear, and it is not clear how or why Tesla is involved.

According to Electrek, they speculate that one of the possible reasons Tesla's name was involved in the filing could be that they might have acquired Xplora, which is why they were mentioned. Given that companies make acquisitions from time to time and don't always make the headlines, it can.

In a way, it also makes sense that Tesla has been researching the use of smartphones as a replacement for key fobs and Apple is introducing the ability to unlock car doors with the Apple Watch. Perhaps Tesla could be interested in offering something similar. Either way, only time will tell what the company is up to, but in the meantime, you might not get your hopes for a Tesla branded smartwatch just yet.

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