Everyone is a tough guy in the gym until their punching bag hits back. That is the idea behind the RXT-1, which its developers call the "world's first sparring robot".

While it looks more like a punchy version of the crazy blowing inflatable hose man than a Mike Tyson robot, the RXT-1 could still be a valuable tool for training boxers and MMA fighters. It does this by giving them not only a roughly human-sized target to aim punches, but also four foam robot limbs with which to strike back, giving the human fighter something to dodge.

"When I started developing the RXT-1, I noticed a technological gap in the martial arts industry," inventor Brent Verdialez told Digital Trends. “The equipment they are currently using is archaic and has been used for thousands of years. They're good for developing strength and speed, (but) nothing is done to simulate an actual fighter or striking coach. I wanted to develop both in one system. "

Verdialez said he did not come from an orthodox robotics background. He learned electronics and engineering while working as a special forces engineer in the military.


"I couldn't punch a punching bag or focus gloves after a wrist injury," he said. “(Because of my job) I still had to improve my fighting skills and wanted to find an in-home sparring partner and eye-catching trainer to work on my combinations. I started researching and testing a robotic arm that could simulate a blow. After six months of development, I finally brought the RXT-1 to life. "

There are three training modes the robot uses: exercise, stile, and combinations. In the exercise mode, the robot offers the opportunity to practice single punching techniques by hitting the user with one arm every two seconds. In spar mode, users can adjust the intensity and level of attack, then engage in random or sequenced punches from a sparring partner who never gets tired. Finally, the combination mode is a focus pad coach that trains users in over 100 punch combinations. (You can also program your own.)

As with every Kickstarter campaign, we offer our usual warnings about projects that are neither as described nor sometimes delivered on time. If you are aware of these risks and still want to get involved, visit the projects page to make your promise. The RXT-1 starts at $ 699, while another version with Torso will set you back by $ 899. Shipping is currently suspended for February 2021.

After that, all of your household robots – from your ungrateful Amazon Echo to your ever-cleaning Roomba vacuum cleaner – can gather together and watch your bum gasp from another machine!

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