An Instagram photo can be more than just a similar one thanks to a new fundraising tool on the social media platform.

Instagram announced on Tuesday that it was introducing a tool that could be used to collect money directly in the app for users' personal purposes. As of today, personal fundraisers are being tested in the US, UK and Ireland.

The update brings Facebook's personal donation program to Instagram by allowing users to create their own campaign in the app or donate for a specific purpose without the help of a third-party platform or an external link. Unlike donation stickers that collect money for nonprofits, users can use the personal fundraising tool to raise money for themselves, a friend, or even a company, provided the fundraiser falls into one of several categories.

The categories approved by Instagram range from supporting a difficult company to covering medical or funeral expenses to paying for study or educational needs and even funding for a hobby or sports equipment. The tool follows the same guidelines as Facebook fundraisers, including restrictions on fundraisers that sell items against a donation, fund political campaigns, or violate the platform's community standards. Users must be at least 18 years old to create a personal fundraiser.

When making a donation to a personal fundraiser, the recipient can view their username, the name shown on their profile, and the amount of the donation. This information can also be public if the donor so requests.

While Facebook reduced fees for collecting donations to charity in 2017, the company continues to charge payment processing fees and taxes for personal fundraisers, if any. The new Instagram option uses the same fees. These fees, the company says, apply to the payment service provider's fees – the company does not make a profit from personal fundraisers. In the United States, the fee is 2.6 percent plus 30 cents from each donation. (Facebook uses Stripe, which typically charges 2.9 percent plus 30 cents and is likely to get a volume discount.)

Personal fundraisers are created directly in a user profile. Tap Edit Profile> Add Fundraiser> Collect Money. Fundraisers need a photo, category, title, goal and description, and a link to a Stripe account to process payments.

According to Facebook, all fundraisers go through a review process to ensure that the campaign is for a legitimate purpose, but without describing exactly what that process involves. By default, personal fundraisers last 30 days, but can be extended.

After the first test, the company expects to expand the functionality with tools to share the fundraiser in the newsfeed and in the stories.

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