Subaru owners really love their Subies.

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Chances are pretty good that Subaru and Lexus owners will buy or lease another vehicle of the same brand in due course. This is the most important finding from the brand loyalty study by J.D. Power automotive for 2020.

The second-year study calculates brand loyalty based on the percentage of owners who stay with the same brand when trading their current car or buying another car. It also takes into account every model year in which a customer trades, even though the data collected is from June 2019 to May 2020.

A whopping 60.5% of Subaru owners buy another Subaru, making it the brand with the most loyal customers among mass market auto companies. According to the study, Lexus leads the luxury table with a loyalty rate of 48%.

Don't mess with Lexus (buyers).

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But Subaru is just pushing the top, with Toyota at 60.3%. Honda (58.7%), Ram (57.3%) and Ford (54.3%) complete the top 5. On the luxury side, Mercedes-Benz keeps it close to Lexus with a loyalty rate of 47.8%. BMW (45.1%), Porsche (44.9%) and Audi (43.4%) are among the top five luxury car brands with the most loyal customers.

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2020 JD Power Automotive brand loyalty study

Who's down? The answers are not entirely surprising, but Fiat comes last in mass market brands. Only 10.4% buy another car from the brand. Jaguar is at the bottom of the luxury table, with only 20.7% of owners squeezing another British premium car.

Aside from the raw numbers, J.D. Power that it is becoming increasingly difficult for car manufacturers to attract new buyers to a brand. This is especially true as automakers offer substantial payment support and programs to help owners and tenants than that Corona virus The pandemic continues. The organization said Ease of payment and deferral plans can be just the thing to get one lasting impression with customers to keep them for the considerable future.

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