Hurricane Hanna struck Padre Island, Texas on Saturday afternoon.

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Hurricane Hanna landed on Saturday afternoon on Padre Island, south of Corpus Cristi, Texas, with heavy rain and wind that is expected to reach 110 miles an hour.

The National Hurricane Center warned of its potential to cause major damage such as roof detachment, tree felling, and blackouts. It also warns of a possible life-threatening storm surge.

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Hanna was upgraded to a hurricane by a tropical storm while spinning off the Texas coast on Saturday. It is now the first hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season.

Hurricanes are never good news, but the New York Times notes that towns and counties on the Hanna way were already experiencing a sudden surge COVID-19.

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Hanna is also the first hurricane to hit the southern Texas coastal region since Hurricane Harvey hit the area in August 2017. This was the worst rainstorm in US history, according to CBS News. The 2020 Atlantic season is likely to be one of the most active in history due to unusually warm water and other climatic conditions, CBS added.

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