Ubisoft allowed viewers to claim Watch Dogs 2 for free to build the hype for the recent Ubisoft Forward event. The catch? You had to log in to Uplay during the live broadcast. Unfortunately, during this time, the service was plagued by problems that were likely caused by an overload of users trying to access it. Ubisoft Forward was passed with few users who redeemed the game.

Ubisoft did not want to add bad press to the company's latest collection of terrible news, and quickly announced that Watch Dogs 2 could be redeemable by anyone who signed up for Uplay after the event. To claim the game, all you have to do is go to the Ubisoft portal and log into your Uplay or create one if you are new to the service. And that's it! The game should appear in your Uplay game library. The operational word should be because after claiming the game for ourselves, it doesn't appear in our list of games 10 minutes later. If we reload the portal link, it only means that we have already requested our copy. Hopefully my Uplay account will be updated soon. We will ensure that this article is updated as changes are made.

Not a word about how long this action lasts or whether it is perpetual. However, if you would like to request your copy, we recommend that you do so sooner rather than later. Ubisoft also has a big site-wide sale for many of its games, including Watch Dogs 2's DLC if you want to play after the base game. It might be a good idea to play Watch Dogs 2 if you want to get into Watch Dogs: Legion this fall.

While Watch Dogs 2 has a single playable character, while Legion can take control of any NPC in the game world, gameplay is incredibly similar after what Ubisoft showed at its Ubisoft Forward event, and will do many of the same hacking functions have skills while the story and story surrounding DeadSec continues. Time will tell if Marcus and the Watch Dogs 2 crew will appear in Watch Dogs: Legion.

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