The space tourism company Virgin Galactic unveiled the luxurious cabin design of its first SpaceShipTwo vehicle, VSS Unity. The high-end design, developed by Virgin Galactic in collaboration with the London-based design agency Seymourpowell, offers a 6-seater cabin with 17 windows to offer the best possible view of the earth and the stars when traveling in space.

In a livestream press conference, Virgin Galactic spokesmen said that the interior of the honeycomb-style cabin in zero gravity will become a 360-degree climbing frame that passengers can explore during their precious minutes of weightlessness. There is also a large round mirror on the back of the cabin so passengers can see themselves floating, as well as 16 cameras on board that can record every moment of the trip.

The seats have personal digital displays in the backrests to provide valuable data during the flight (or, as you know, playing an episode of Modern Family when you're bored of staring at the infinite emptiness of the universe). You manage the G-forces by lying on different levels during the different sets of space travel.

In the event that the SpaceShipTwo is used to transport scientific experiments or equipment, the seats can be removed completely and replaced with payload racks.

According to the designers, a blue-blue-green color scheme is used throughout the cabin to create a “harmonious” connection to the color of the spacesuits and to create a connection to the colors of the earth when viewed from space.

Virgin Galactic and her mission to the stars

The British space company Virgin Galactic was founded in 2004 by Richard Branson and wants to take individuals to the edge of space with its space ship SpaceShipTwo. Last year the company successfully carried out a test flight with three people – including one passenger. In early 2020, the company conducted another test flight from its home base for suborbital flights, Spaceport America. A partnership has recently been announced with NASA that will bring private astronauts and space tourists to the International Space Station (ISS).

Virgin Galactic plans to offer suborbital flights to paying customers over the next few years. These are said to cost close to $ 250,000. Hey, at least you know you have a comfortable place to travel!

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