Google's fourth submarine cable is called Grace Hopper.


Google announced on Tuesday that it would build an underwater cable across the Atlantic between the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain. The cable, named after computer scientist Grace Hopper, is Google's fourth submarine cable.

"98% of international internet traffic is transmitted via submarine cables worldwide," said Bikash Koley, vice president of global networking at Google, in a press release. "A vast underwater network of cables that run through the ocean allows information to be shared, searched, transmitted and received at the speed of light around the world."

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The search giant has three other submarine cables: Curie, which connects the USA and South America; Dunant, who connects the United States and France; and Equiano, which connects Europe and Africa. Google also operates a number of other submarine cables, including the Pacific Light Cable Network with Facebook. The U.S. reportedly attempted to block the Pacific Light Cable Network for national security reasons in 2019.

According to Google, the Grace Hopper cable 2022 will go online and be built by SubCom, the same company that was contracted to build the Dunant and Curie cables. Grace Hopper will support Google's plans for a new cloud region in Madrid.


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