Google's Android 11 is here! The Mountain View technology giant has finally released the first developer. Preview of his new operating system for his Android devices. Devices include – Google Pixel 2/2 XL, Pixel 3 / 3XL / 3a and the recently launched Pixel 4 and 4 XL. However, the original pixel, released four years ago, may have been discontinued this time, at least for the developer preview. There is a new Android 11 logo with an analog dial that points to 11 and obviously shows Android 11. If you are interested in installing the Google Android 11 Developer Preview, you can click on the following link "here". Of course, keep in mind that you can of course find a lot of bugs as this is still the first beta of the latest operating system.

The official version of Android 11 could only be released in the second half of this year, and that could happen with the launch of the new Pixel devices, probably the Pixel 5 series. However, for more information about Android, visit Google’s I / O event, which takes place in May (May 12 – May 14) this year. In the meantime, there might be a few more previews, maybe one or two. Until then, let's examine what the new Android 11 with the latest developer preview offers, apart from just a logo.

The long-awaited features have finally arrived with the native Android 11, which is said to include a new dedicated screen recorder and new chat bubbles. On the contrary, these have already been launched by Apple in the past. However, the entry into Android 11 is worth mentioning. According to Google, the main advantages of the new Android 11 should bring improvements for foldable phones and also for the 5G functions. For your information, Google first addressed the foldable screens with Android Q / 10 last year.

Notable functions that are offered in Android 11 according to Google

– Google claims to improve existing connectivity APIs with Android 11 to take advantage of 5G speed improvements.
– Android 11 also supports new screen types, including pinhole displays from Samsung and Huawei phones, as well as waterfall screens, which are also offered by Huawei and brands like Vivo and OPPO.
– As already mentioned, Android 11 offers chat bubbles, a special conversation area, and now you can insert pictures directly into instant replies that are offered in the notification area.
– There are improvements in the API for neural networks that should perform intensive machine learning operations on their Android devices.
– For privacy reasons, you can only use Android 11 to access your device's location once, instead of "while using the app" that was introduced with Android 10 last year. This appears to be an important step by Google in terms of data protection.

Aside from these remarkable features, there are some other significant security improvements, such as: B. Expanded support for biometric authentication, data storage and sharing, and more. Updates to the Google Play system put a new focus on app compatibility on Android 11. Google also claims to have improved some connectivity options, including – call verification service, improvements to the Wi-Fi API. Finally, in addition to improvements in low latency, Google also offers improvements to the image and camera.

Google has released the Android 11 Developer Preview, in which the device users mentioned above can install immediately at their own risk. That said, this new Developer Preview version is an earlier version than the earlier versions, which were normally not released until March. So we can hope that there will be one or two more developer build releases with bug fixes and several new features from Google in the coming months.

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