The Google Pixel 4 XL. Next the Pixel 4A?

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

We think we know quite a bit about Google's next flagship smartphone – probably the pixel 4A – but we had no idea when the thing would actually arrive. That changed on Thursday thanks to a clever test, which was published in the Facebook and Twitter feeds from Made by Google and indicates a start on August 3.


In particular, both accounts exchanged their header images for a mysterious block of text with hidden words and a telltale punch in the upper corner, which apparently matched the pixel's camera design. The biography of the Twitter account refers to a Google landing page with similarly hidden text, a paragraph with the placeholder text "lorem ipsum" and a rectangular placeholder on which the image of a phone should be.

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Here's the smart part. Click or tap on these hidden words and the color of the block will change. Change them to match the order of the colors in the Google logo – blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red – and the words are as follows: "Introducing Google Exactly what you've been waiting for Phone. "

Right below? A large, blue date: August 3rd. Take a look at our marked calendars.


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