A Galaxy S10 Plus with Stadia.


Google Stadia’s latest feature makes it easier to play video games when you’re away from home. With an experimental feature announced on Tuesday, users can activate gameplay via 4G or 5G signals. Stadiums previously required Wi-Fi.

The online gaming platform transfers a variety of games to compatible devices such as an Android phone. Google runs the game on its own platform, so the hardware requirements for the consumer remain minimal. However, you still need a good connection and probably a lot of data to play games. Stadia isn't limited to mobile games – you can play AAA titles that are usually reserved for high-end PCs or consoles like that Playstation 4.

To activate the function, you have to log in to your phone via the Stadia app. Click your avatar in the top right to access a settings menu, then select Experiments, and ultimately Use mobile data. Google has described the process in detail in the blog post in which the function is announced.

Currently running:
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Google Stadia: Everything You Need About …


You can also play Stadia on your TV with compatible streamers such as Chromecast. With Google’s gaming platform, you can buy games individually or pay for a subscription to unlimited access to a variety of titles in its catalog.

Google also worked on it Fill out this catalog during the summer. With a new generation of consoles including the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. On the horizon, Stadia could be a good alternative to high spending on new hardware. If mobile games do not monopolize too much data, this can also lead to more flexibility for games that consoles cannot.

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