Google Fi now has a new way to buy phones: a subscription. Instead of buying a device right away, you can now get a two-year contract, add a few dollars to your monthly bill, and get a phone that fits your service plan.

You have an entire device to choose from, the Pixel 4a (not the Pixel 5?). The basic contract is $ 9 per month for two years (total of $ 216). That gives you a Pixel 4a (MSRP $ 349) to keep at the end of the plan. From there, Google will assume that you will continue to pay the subscription fee and pick up a new device. The company suggests that you "upgrade to a new Pixel after 2 years".

There's also an optional "device protection plan" for an additional $ 6 a month that Google says "protects against accidental damage, loss, or theft (except in NY) and out of warranty mechanical failure." However, those $ 6 a month won't fix your phone if something happens. There are also deductibles. For the Pixel 4a, there is an additional $ 49 for a screen replacement, $ 79 for a mechanical failure, and $ 99 for a theft replacement, according to Google. Google primarily assumes you will pick up the service plan on the phone, which will be $ 15 per month for two years, total ($ 360).


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