It is clear that massage guns are not a fad. There are real science behind percussive therapyStudies show that these devices are a great way to recover from exercise and relieve sore muscles. However, massage gun prices can go above $ 500, as you can see in the CNET summary the best percussive massage gun for 2020. The antidote is an inexpensive model like the TaoTronics Massage Gun. Usually priced at $ 130, you can get that today TaoTronics massage gun for $ 95 if you check the voucher on the product page.

The price is right, what interests me about this model, but you have to relieve your expectations. Don't expect the kind of punch you'd see in a Theragun, for example. With just a 24-watt motor, it just doesn't have the power to kick you like heavier models can. Still, it has 10 adjustable speeds from 1400 to 3200 strokes per minute, which means it can be a great massager – just not great for percussive therapy.

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TaoTronics contains half a dozen special massage heads and a travel case so that you can take it to the gym (after reopening, of course). CNET has not rated the TaoTronics massage gun, but has 4.9 stars with over 900 user reviews on Amazon. This is promising, but both FakeSpot and ReviewMeta agree that many of these reviews are questionable. So if you're looking for an affordable massage gun, TaoTronics can scratch that itch, so to speak – remember that it can't penetrate enough to relieve your deep tissue.

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