The screen of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 could be revised.

Ice universe

Only a few days until August 5 Samsung Unpacked Eventis the rumor mill full of photo leaks. A recent leak confirms that Samsung's successor to the Galaxy Fold is actually called the Galaxy Z Fold 2. as speculated before. Next week, Samsung is expected to introduce not only the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but also two new Galaxy Note devices (probably the Galaxy Z Fold 2) Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) and the Galaxy Watch 3. The $ 1,450 Galaxy Z Flip 5G was also confirmed earlier this month.

It is noteworthy that Samsung could launch two phones that are expected to cost more than $ 1,400 Global recession caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Global device deliveries are expected 14% decrease in 2020 as a result of the downturn, said Gartner.

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Maybe Samsung is betting on the hype machine – and a possible second stimulus test for the USA – to arouse interest in the speculated Galaxy Fold 2? We'll find out soon enough. This story is often updated with the main rumors.

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Everything you need to know about the Galaxy Fold 2


Could Samsung drop the ugly screen notch?

A notch the size of my thumb on the original Galaxy Fold's 7.3-inch internal screen was one of the phone's most permanent drawbacks. According to a rumor from Ice Universe, a productive treat, this will finally disappear.

The leak of July 28 also seemed to confirm the rumored punch display, although it is difficult to see in the picture.

A second photo leak, first reported by MySmartPrice, showed the Galaxy Z Fold 2 design in more detail and in higher resolution, revealing not only a pinhole camera, but also a much larger cover display, slimmer frame compared to the original Galaxy Fold and a triple camera setup. The photos showed two color options for the fold, Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze.


A leaked picture of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.

MySmart price

Samsung Unpacked Trailer

Last week, Samsung has released a trailer in advance of his August 5th Unpacked eventwho gave a shady look at his rumored five new devices (including the Tab S7 Android tablet and the Galaxy Buds Live). The teaser image is roughly around the 23-second mark of the 30-second Vimeo trailer that was originally published on the Samsung Mobile Press website.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 in Mystic Bronze?

First came the rumors and leaks that the Galaxy Note 20 would be available in bronze or copper. Then Samsung came official invitation to unpackwhich pretty much seals the deal. A leak from frequent Twitter leaker Evan Blass later showed that Galaxy Z Flip 5G in a color called – you guessed it – mystic bronze.

If Samsung uses this shade for two phones expected at Unpacked, could we also see a Mystic Bronze Z Fold 2?

Start on August 5th. What about the sales dates of Z Fold 2?

We know Samsung Unpacked 2020 will take place online on August 5th, starting at 7 a.m. PT (10 a.m. ET, 3 a.m. BST). Samsung will broadcast the event live, which CNET will also report on in a live show. Since the first Galaxy Fold was introduced in February 2019 during the same unpacked event that brought us the Galaxy S10, it is likely that we will see the Z Fold 2 at this event.

The rumors match. However, the sale date is still in the air. Rumors range from August 20 (the same speculated sale date as Note 20) to September, as suggested by Korean outlet ET News and Twitter leaker Riccolo.

Phones for Samsung's virtual unpacked event:

Event August 5 – my source
(confirmed @UniverseIce)

Note 20
Fold 2
ZFlip 5G

The devices will be launched on August 20

– Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser), June 9, 2020

Samsung in particular Galaxy S20 The unpacked event was the last time the cellular industry fully gathered before worrying about the spread of the corona virus Stop dozens of events inside and outside the technology world … including the Mobile World Congress, the world's largest mobile-focused show, and the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo (now 2021, we hope).

5G for the US and is sold on Verizon

The frequent Twitter leaker Max Weinbach tweeted a picture of the firmware, which is said to belong to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and cites a version for Verizon. This could indicate that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 could specifically support 5G Verizon's mmWave version of the ultra-fast data standard. The original fold was released in the U.S. with 4G carrier support, but sold as 5G in Korea and the UK.

My boys … we started Galaxy Fold 2 software builds!

VZW is here too, which probably means that the Fold 2, unlike the Z Flip, supports 5G mmWave. I wonder if it will only be unlocked for Verizon or if they will wear it.

– Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach), June 8, 2020

Galaxy Z Fold 2 sale price: $ 2,260?

The Twitter leaker Riccolo cited a price of 2,000 euros, which converts to around $ 2,260, £ 1,790 or AU $ 3,230 – or about $ 1,880 if you do away with European sales tax, which is always included in the price flows in. While Samsung can adjust prices per market, it would be surprising if a more advanced Galaxy Z Fold 2 were offered at a price below the original Galaxy Fold's $ 1,980 price. The ultraportable for reference Galaxy Z Flip costs $ 1,380 and the 5G version costs $ 1,450.

1 more thing … *
2000 eur + Galaxy Fold 2, due to covid19! #Markyywords won't be available until late September … (possibly later)

* Let's see how long it takes to steal my information and someone else takes out the loan …

– Ricciolo (@ Ricciolo1), July 5, 2020

Trade-in deals, bundles, and freebies are more likely than a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold 2. Although Samsung is known to lower prices a few months after launch, at least on its own website, the brand usually prefers to add value increase its premium products with bundled offers, such as a buy-one-get-one or a free set of earphones.

Will the Galaxy Z Fold 2 be waterproof?

Water resistance is standard on premium smartphones, but the type of hinge and price made it impossible for the first wave of folding devices to take advantage of sealing technologies, Samsung said at the time the original Galaxy Fold came on the market.

That could change with the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Earlier this month, a patent for a waterproof foldable phone design that looked horribly similar to the Galaxy Fold was released, Let & # 39; s Go Digital reported. The patent (PDF) for "Electronic device with waterproof structure" describes exactly how and where the waterproof material would get into the phone housing.


Samsung's sealing patent for a foldable phone like the Galaxy Fold released in May.

Samsung / WIPO

Square & # 39; periscope & # 39; camera, ticker notification on the deck screen

The same Samsung patent application mentioned above also reveals two interesting design changes, Let & # 39; s Go Digital emphasized. The first is the camera array, which shows three rear lenses, one of which is square. This is the same design as Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (and other phones) use for a Periscope camera Designed to improve optical and digital zoom.

The second detail is a long, narrow ticker, which can be seen in the image on the top right of the device cover screen. It's clear that Samsung is at least experimenting with the idea of ​​removing the original fold's 4.6-inch cover display – where you can open and use any Android app – with a ticker-style window for basic Information such as date, time and notifications.

Such a step would mean that you have to use the phone in its open position and could possibly improve the battery life of the original model. It's also possible that if there are multiple Galaxy Fold models for 2020, one of the cheaper devices will see a smaller outside screen.

There's a rumor, and remember, this is a rumor that Samsung will release a Galaxy Fold e for $ 1,100.

They are also working on releasing 3 folds. Two with plastic, one with UTG. Could explain code names Winner2 vs Champ.

– Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach) May 11, 2020

Is there a cheaper Galaxy Fold E or Fold Lite in the works?

What if we don't just get a new Galaxy Fold, but two or even three? Weinbach tweeted a rumor that Samsung could make a Galaxy Fold E or Galaxy Fold Lite in addition to the premium Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Weinbach's tweet even cited a potential price: $ 1,100 for the cheaper model – or the cheaper models – that could use a plastic screen compared to the ultra-thin glass of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or UTG. Weinbach's uncertainty ("and remember this is a rumor," he wrote) leaves room for doubt, but it suggests that Samsung's experiment with cheaper models won't stop with the $ 1,380 Galaxy Z flip.


Rendering for the Galaxy Fold 2 based on leaks and rumors.

Ben Geskin on Twitter

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The Galaxy Z Fold 2 could have a pen. The original couldn't

Almost a year ago I suggested that The Galaxy Fold killer accessory would be a penJust like the Galaxy Note family. With the S Pen, the fold is more like a tablet and a multitasking tool and differentiates the foldable phone from Samsung from the others.

There was only one problem with it. The plastic shade of the original fold was too soft and infamously prone to damage to maintain pressure from a fingernail, let alone a pen. With sufficient structural support and a flexible glass screen (ultra-thin glass or UTG) that was used for the first time on the Z Flip, rumors about a Z Fold 2 with a pen are possible.

Other rumors sometimes suggest that Samsung would abandon plans to include the S Pen. We'll see how it all comes together.

2 screens, 1 with a refresh rate of 120 Hz

There is no doubt that the Galaxy Z Fold 2 would follow in the footsteps of the original with two screens – one on the outside to start short tasks like starting a phone call or answering a short text, and the bigger screen on the inside does all of the heavy stuff Video lifting, multitasking and longer email composing.

The larger screen is said to follow the Galaxy S20 with a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, while the smaller screen on the standard screen is pointing up from 60 Hz (see below). The faster update rate makes scrolling, navigation and some games extremely smooth, but can also shorten battery life faster. The Z Fold 2's 120 Hz screen setting is likely to be an option, with the typical 60 Hz rate being the default setting, as is the case with the S20 phones.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 cameras

The original Galaxy Fold has taken its camera cues from last year's Galaxy S10 Plus. So it stands to reason that the Z Fold 2 would do the same when it comes to the camera array and design of the Galaxy S20 Plus. That is the content of a rumor from Weinbach.

If so, you can expect the following:

  • Front: 10 megapixel camera
  • Back: 12 megapixels (wide angle), 64 megapixels (telephoto), 12 megapixels (ultrawide), flight time
  • The periscope lens shape mentioned above

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The Galaxy Z Flip is the best foldable phone yet


And what about the inner screen? Good question. The original crease contained a large thumb-shaped cutout that contained two camera lenses and other sensors and affected the overall image and took up space on the screen.

I originally bet that Samsung would minimize the look of the camera on the inner screen, reduce the space for selfies and video chats to a single sensor, and use a more minimalist punch design. However, the above patent (which may not reflect the final design) shows an inner notch similar to the original crease. However, this is becoming increasingly unlikely as we now have a quick look at the phone's home screen leaked photos of his design.

In his February tweet, Weinbach suggested that the "main" camera could include a V-shaped notch or a subscreen sensor.

Galaxy Fold 2: The front cover is an Infinity V display. The main one is either a punch or under a display camera. New form of SPen. S20 + camera setting. Ceramic and stainless steel. Will come in blue, silver, gold, pink, black.

– Max Weinbach (@MaxWinebach), February 17, 2020

Battery size and battery life

Battery life is a sticking point for any phone, but it has to work on a foldable device like the original Galaxy Fold with performance-hungry screens and the promise of being the all-device in your life.

If there are rumors, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 could outperform the Fold's 4,380 mAh battery with a 4,500 or 5,000 mAh battery, according to a source quoted by XDA Developers. You can also expect Samsung to stick to the Galaxy S20 phones with wireless reverse charging, which Samsung calls PowerShare, and fast charging – probably at 25 watts.

The Galaxy S20 UltraFor example, supports even faster charging with 45 watts. Keep in mind, however, that there is often a trade-off between the speed at which a phone can be charged and the amount of heat it generates and maintains. If the Z Fold 2 comes to life without support for 45-watt quick charge, that's probably why.

Galaxy Fold Redesign: How Samsung repaired its foldable cell phone

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 15

Samsung Galaxy Fold 8

Screen size, memory and other specifications

Display consultant Ross Young tweeted a long list of specs at the end of April, which is not surprisingly related to screen size, resolution, and technology. Along with other rumors about the storage capacity of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, 5G variants and colors (from XDA Developers, SamMobile, ET News and others), a picture emerges that conceptual artists can use to render the Galaxy Z renderings of fold 2 could look like.

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What you should know about Google Pixel 5


  • Main display: 7.59 inches; Resolution of 2,213 x 1,689 pixels
  • Cover display: 6.23 inches; 2,267 x 819 pixel resolution (original 4.6-inch foldable exterior screen)
  • Storage capacities of 256 GB and 512 GB
  • 5G and 4G variants
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 or 865 Plus processor
  • Android 10 software
  • Materials: ceramic, stainless steel
  • Colors: blue, silver, gold, pink, black, bronze

We'll have an eye and an ear for new and believable rumors about Galaxy Z Fold 2. In the meantime here every phone we know for 2020, eight apps too Improve your cell phone photography significantly and a good look at that OnePlus 8 Pro phone the Galaxy S20 wants to turn that off.


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