One of the advantages of creating a custom mechanical keyboard is that you can choose which switch you want to use. The switches not only affect the sound, but also the feeling when some switches have springs that are lighter or heavier depending on how you want to write them. However, Apple believes they might have something that could top that.

According to Patently Apple, they have found an Apple patent which suggests the company is exploring the idea of ​​a keyboard in the future that would allow users to adjust the sound levels and force levels for their key presses. So if you work in an office setting and don't want to disturb the people around you, you can set the keyboard so that the audio feedback may be quieter.

Users can also change the force levels. If you prefer to play on a keyboard with more responsive key presses, this is a great way to set that up and change it to something else for typing or working. It's a very interesting patent, although it seems quite complicated to set up.

We're not sure if Apple actually plans to make this a reality, as it seems like more of an effort than it's worth. After all, for the most part no one really has complaints about Apple's current Magic Keyboard. So we're not sure if the company thinks this is a worthwhile investment.

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