Over the years, streaming has become increasingly popular as it is a more interactive video creation method that allows streamers to interact with their viewers in real time, unlike static videos. For this reason, more and more accessories and peripheral devices are being developed that are geared towards streamers.

If you are interested in streaming and want to feel a little overwhelmed by the number of available microphones, you should check out the latest offers from Elgato. The company recently announced a pair of new microphones for streamers in the form of the Elgato Wave 1 and Wave 3.

These are USB microphones. This means that unlike some other microphones that may require an adapter (because some of them use an XLR connection), these microphones can be easily connected directly to your computer. These are condenser microphones that have a dial on the back that users can use to adjust the volume, for example.

The main differences would be their sampling rate, where wave 1 provides 48 kHz sampling, while wave 3 comes at 96 kHz. The Wave 1 will be the cheaper of the two and will cost $ 130, while the Wave 3 will retail and be available on the Elgato website.

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