Last week the folks at DJI pulled off their newest gimbal for smartphones in the form of the DJI Osmo Mobile 4. But what about users looking for a gimbal for their digital cameras? We know DJI makes gimbals for these devices too, and the good news is these gimbals could be arriving next month.

In a teaser from the company, DJI teased a couple of new gimbals that they will announce in October. While the company doesn't specifically mention what gimbals they are, given that the Osmo Mobile 4 has just been announced, there's a good chance these gimbals will target digital cameras and will be part of the company's ronin gimbals.

There is speculation that this could be the RS2 and RSC2 gimbals, but we won't know until after the official announcement. The last time DJI announced a new Ronin gimbal was in 2019 with the DJI Ronin SC, a lighter version of its previous gimbal launches. We envision that the new gimbals will likely continue to build on it with further improvements and upgrades.

It should be noted, however, that the company's Ronin gimbals are more expensive than the Osmo Mobile series, where the Ronin SC was priced at just over $ 400, compared to the new Osmo Mobile 4 which was priced at $ 150.

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