Does one knee count as sitting? Director Christopher Nolan discusses a scene with Matthew McConaughey on the Interstellar set.

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If you weren't allowed to sit at work, would you do more? principle Director Christopher Nolan believes that chairs promote an unproductive film set, according to actress Anne Hathaway, who worked with Nolan on the Batman film The Dark Knight Rises in 2012.

"Chris doesn't allow chairs either … and his reasoning is that if you have chairs, people will sit and if you sit, they won't work," Hathaway told Variety on Monday. "He has these incredible films in terms of scope and ambition, as well as technical skills and emotions. They always end up on schedule and budget. I think he has something to do with the chair."

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On Tuesday, a representative from Nolan made a statement explaining the filmmaker's thoughts about chairs on the set.

"For the recording, the only things that are banned from (Nolans) sets are cell phones (not always successful) and smoking (very successful)," Nolan's spokesman told Indiewire. "The chairs that Anne referred to are the directors' chairs grouped around the video monitor and assigned based on hierarchy rather than physical needs. Chris dispenses with his chairs, but has never banished them from the set The cast and crew can sit anywhere and whenever they need it and do it frequently. "

However, by the time Nolan made his statement, fans had already gone to Twitter with their own funny reactions to the anti-sitting idea.

Writer and actor Bill Corbett from Mystery Science Theater 3000 proposed a prank that is perfect for Nolan.

Other fans suggested that music chairs and seating in the Nolan restaurant could be a shock.

Here are a few chair jokes that deserve a standing ovation.

All I see in this shot is … this empty chair.

I mean, who put it there? Has anyone been fired for it? My mind wonders how many poor sods in the crew dreamed of sitting on it …

I lost it

I have to love Christopher Nolan. # ChristopherNolan #Inception

– An iconic shot (@AnIconicShot) June 29, 2020

All of the prestige was improvised when Christopher Nolan brought a single chair to the set and instructed Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale to fight to the death

– Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff), June 30, 2020

People you don't understand when Christopher Nolan was younger smashed a chair through his window and startled him

– Brian Lynch (@BrianLynch), June 29, 2020

Even the joker is on the gag.

A film fan pointed out all the memorable moments in Nolan's earlier films such as the Batman film The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar and Memento.

Another fan points out pictures of actor Robert Pattinson, who is on location while filming Nolan's new film. principle.

Nolan hasn't said anything publicly about his unusual no-chair rule yet, but it has to work in his favorite given the nominations and awards he's received for his previous films.

Fans have to wait to see how much his characters sit in his newest film Tenet, which will be released on August 12th.

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