The styling of the Lyriq is certainly brave.


GM is electrifying its vehicle portfolio. Numerous battery-powered cars, trucks and crossovers will be introduced in the coming years. The new is at the forefront of this product offensive Cadillac Lyriq, a fully electric commercial vehicle that officially makes its debut on Thursday.

This electric crossover could be music to the ears of the drivers, as the Lyriq promises a lot of luxury, industry-leading technology and a lot of range, all without exhaust emissions. "It's the beginning of a brand transformation," said Steve Carlisle, GM North America's executive vice president and president, during a media presentation. The Lyriq is a "technology spearhead for the company," he added.

It is also something of a catalyst. This SUV, together with the one not shown yet Celestiq The concept of the electric sedan signals an important change at Cadillac. "We work with proper names for our products," said Carlisle. From now on, the brand will continue to use the current alphanumeric nomenclature for existing models, "but we are only concerned with proper names," he added.

GM representatives call what you see here a show car, which means that it may be more than just a concept, even if it's not quite finished yet. According to a spokesman, as shown, the Lyriq is 80 to 85% ready for production.

The electric SUV Cadillac Lyriq heralds a new era at GM

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Cadillac Lyriq concept car

Cadillac Lyriq concept car

Cadillac Lyriq: technical details

This is the first GM vehicle to be launched with the new automaker Ultium battery system, which is part of a modular EV architecture. Thanks to advanced nickel-cobalt-manganese-aluminum chemistry and careful construction, these assemblies consume 70% less cobalt, a rare element that is difficult to obtain responsibly. You will also have a whopping 90% less wiring than current GM battery designs.

With a claimed capacity of around 100 kilowatt hours, the Lyriq should offer a range of at least 300 miles. The vehicle is offered with either rear or all-wheel drive. Expect a weight distribution of nearly 50:50 for improved manners on the road, and according to Marty Hogan, chief engineer of the Lyriq, his center of gravity will be about 4 inches lower than a Cadillac XT5. Hogan said the battery is "a structural element in the vehicle" and improves stiffness and crash performance.

This typical SUV with amps for modern electric cars should deliver impressive performance. GM hasn't shared an official 0-60 mph, but Hogan remarked, "This vehicle won't be a disappointment considering where our competitors are." A Tesla Model X. In Performance Trim, for example, offers 305 miles of range and can reach 60 miles per hour in an organ bruise of 2.6 seconds. It is not inappropriate to expect a similar dizziness Cadillac.

As soon as the range is exhausted, the battery of the Lyriq can be quickly refilled. The vehicle supports level 2 charging at a rate of 19 kW and even DC fast charging up to 150 kW.

Cadillac Lyriq concept car

At least in renderings, this caddy's cabin looks lush, and this 33-inch screen is a killer.


Lyriq EV represents Cadillac's future

"This is the future of Cadillac," said Melissa Grady, the brand's chief marketing officer. "And this future starts now." One look at the Lyriq and you will understand why.

A huge, 33-inch display with a curved dashboard will delight technically savvy drivers. The pixel dimensions of this LED screen have not been released, but "it will have a very high resolution," said Andrew Smith, executive director of global Cadillac design. He also said that he would expect a good refresh rate and contrast ratio, as well as lots of vivid colors, as the panel can display more than 1 billion tones.

The Lyriq will also feature a new double-window head-up display with augmented reality. The closer one consists of two planes and shows things like speed and direction, while the further away window can project warnings and navigation signals onto the windshield.

Of course, the latest version of GM is celebrated Awesome cruise is offered on the Lyriq. In certain situations and with careful monitoring, it enables hands-free calling on more than 200,000 miles of road in North America. As in the coming 2021 Cadillac EscaladeAutomatic lane change is also supported.

Cadillac Lyriq concept car

The roof of this fully electric SUV tapers gently towards the rear.


For more listening pleasure, the Lyriq is offered with an AKG studio reference sound system with 19 speakers. While this setup is not quite as impressive as the 36 speaker arrangement that will be available in the new Escalade, it should still rock absolutely.

Another clever function that this fully electric Cadillac will offer is monitored remote parking. Basically, the Lyriq allows you to park parallel or perpendicular to the driver inside or outside the vehicle. This technology should work similar to Hyundai's Smart Park.

Cadillac Lyriq looks elegant inside and out

The face of the Lyriq is dominated by a large grille, one with illuminated elements and even a light badge. It is flanked by vertical headlights that have been a staple of Cadillac for decades. The rest of the body of this vehicle is clean and at least in the pictures quite elegant. We reserve the final judgment until we can actually see one in person, but the pictures give us great hopes. Like his face, the rear of this electric vehicle has vertical lighting elements.

Aside from this striking screen, according to Smith, the cabin of the Lyriq should be reasonably luxurious, spacious, and optimistic, which is important for an American brand like Cadillac. The main console is self-supporting and not attached directly to the dashboard, which creates an airy feeling. At the bottom of the center stack is a pull-out storage compartment lined with suede, which Smith calls a small jewelry box, an elegant place to store smaller items. The interior door lining of the Lyriq is also unique – a wood veneer on aluminum. The parts are laser etched and backlit.

Cadillac Lyriq concept car

With an illuminated grille there is no shortage of bling here.


Cadillac Lyriq EV comes in late 2022

The Cadillac Lyriq is not quite ready for prime time yet and is expected to be available in late 2022. This means that it takes at least two years for examples to reach the dealers. It is offered across the country. "Our intention is … this will be a national game for the brand. Surely it will have to be over time," said Carlisle, as General Motors intends to electrify the Cadillac product range over the next seven to ten years.

Drivers residing in other countries who yearn for a stylish and technologically advanced luxury SUV should also not be upset. "Wherever we have a Cadillac network around the world, we make our electric vehicles available to them," said Carlisle. The Lyriq is said to be a global product.

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