Now is as good as any other time to pick one up.

Chris Monroe / CNET
This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET's guide to everything you need to know and how to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner and (for once) Australians have an advantage! Thanks to the time zones, Australians get extra time for bargains. Prime Day begins in Australia midnight AEST on October 13th, but ends at the end of October 14th Pacific Time, which gives Australians a little more time to shop.

Some tips

  • Some offers are already available, like this limited-time offer, a four-month Amazon Music subscription for one dollar.
  • The following offers are all specific to Amazon Australia and will be updated as we find more. However, this shouldn't stop you from checking out some of the offers on Amazon US. But before the big day, here are some deals that we know are coming on the Australian website.
  • Stay tuned, we will update new offers as they arrive.

Live offers now

Chris Monroe / CNET

We love the Echo Show 8. In fact, we named it "the best Amazon smart display, period" in our review for the device.

This is an incredible price for a very cool device. Jump on it.


Nice little combo that will save you $ 49. Hard to argue with.


Kindle Unlimited is a bit like the Netflix of books. If you are a great reader this is fantastic business. This offer is free for three months, then it costs you $ 13.99 per month. Definitely worth a try.

If reading isn't your thing, try Audible instead. I've been thinking about getting into audiobooks for a long time, especially now that podcasts are such a big deal. This is a great opportunity to try Audible for 3 months.

Ben Fox Rubin / CNET

A drop from $ 299 to $ 199 is no reason to snoop around, especially if you're interested in putting together a massively connected sound system in your home.

Ben Fox Rubin / CNET

Right now, you can get $ 150 off the Amazon Echo Link Amp, with a price ranging from $ 459 to $ 309.

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