Sleep tracking seems to be a pretty basic feature that we would expect from any wearable, but for some reason, Apple hasn't branded it into the Apple Watch. We had already heard in 2019 that Apple plans to introduce the feature in its wearable, but it was not implemented in watchOS 6.

There were rumors that it could debut in watchOS 7, and the rumors turned out to be correct. During Apple's WWDC 2020 announcements, the company announced and confirmed that native sleep tracking for watchOS 7 will be available. For the most part, it will work like any other sleep tracker.

It relies on Apple Watch's built-in sensors, such as the accelerometer, to track micro-movements and track your sleep patterns. When the user wakes up, he can see a report of his last night's sleep, including when he woke up and when he fell asleep again. The app can also display a weekly graph showing the user's sleep trends.

Apple will also include an alarm feature in the sleep app that either uses haptic feedback to wake the user up or through gentle sounds. There is also the option to set up a bedtime routine that, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, helps prepare the body better for sleep.

This can be done through a “wind down” mode, where users can set up a routine like listening to a soothing soundscape, using a meditation app, or setting up a scene in the home app to better prepare them for bedtime .

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