If you want to believe the word on the street, Apple is apparently working on a kind of portable headset. Exactly what could be working on it is unclear, but thanks to a new Bloomberg report, Cupertino seems to be working on not just one headset, but two.

It remains to be seen whether both versions will be launched or not, or whether both will see the light of day, but apparently Apple is working on at least two versions. The report claims that a version code-named N301 will be a mixed reality headset that combines the best of virtual and augmented reality. Then there is the N421, lightweight glasses that are only based on AR.

The report also reveals some of the internal problems Apple had with the development process. The headsets are said to be headed by Mike Rockwell, who heads Apple's Technology Development Group, a secret group within Apple dedicated to both VR and AR. It seems that before Jony left Apple, Rockwell and Ive had a kind of bumper in the approach where Rockwell originally wanted to develop a headset that relied on an external hub.

Ive, on the other hand, wasn't thrilled with the idea of ​​using a separate hub to connect the headset, which resulted in a month-long interruption. Apple CEO Tim Cook is also said to have chosen Ive. If the report is correct, the end result will be a standalone device that, while lacking a hub, is less powerful but is said to be even more advanced than what is available on the market today.

Take this with a grain of salt, but if you believe the rumors, Apple's AR glasses may not make their debut until 2021 or 2022.

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