Over the years, Amazon has developed all kinds of creative ways to help its customers quickly search for products. This is done in the form of dash buttons that allow users to quickly order a product at the push of a button. They also launched the Dash Wand, which combines Alexa and a barcode reader.

However, it seems that Amazon's experiment with the dash wall has ended. According to a report from AFTVnews, they learned that Amazon will end support for the dash wall on July 21. This comes from an email sent to customers where Amazon forwards them to the company's device recycling program.

Amazon doesn't mention whether users get a replacement device or how much credit they get when they drop in their devices. However, if you'd prefer not to sit on a product that is no longer used, contact Amazon.You can find out on the website how to send the dash wall back to the company.

As previously mentioned, Amazon had previously experimented with various ways that customers can order products, such as the dash buttons. Support for the Dash Button program already ended in 2019, so it is not surprising that support for the Dash Wall is also being discontinued.

Saved in Gadgets. Read more about Alexa and Amazon. Source: aftvnews


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