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Amazon pulls the plug on the Dash wall, so to speak. The magnetic, battery powered device was mainly used to make ordering food easier. You could scan the barcode of a variety of household items, and Amazon would find the product with that code in their catalog and order more. The dash wall also included Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa, which you can use to issue a voice command and control your smart home at the push of a button.

As of Tuesday, Amazon will no longer support the device, according to an email the company sent to customers. The email explains how to unregister the device and then recycle it.

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We liked the dash wall when we checked it in 2017. Scanning barcodes was an easy and fun way to add items to your shopping list, and it was nice to have a portable way to access Alexa. That is, while you could access a variety of voice-activated Alexa skills With the magic wand, you couldn't do some basics like playing music or scheduling timers.

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The wand basically paid for itself, as the $ 20 upfront cost was offset by a food discount, but it has also become a bit redundant as affordable Amazon smart speakers are becoming more common. The $ 50 Amazon Echo Dot is often offered at a cheaper price and offers all of Alexa’s features, including adding things to your shopping list with a voice command. You can also access Alexa on the go using an app on your phone. The only thing Alexa fans lose when the dash wall disappears is the barcode scanner.

Amazon did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.


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