The rumors initially said the AirPods Studio won't be announced at Apple's iPhone event, but it could be released later this month or next month. This is because Apple supposedly didn't get mass production of the headphones off the ground until late October. Now it turns out the headphones won't be available anytime soon and could even be delayed until 2021.

This is according to Jon Prosser, who tweeted that there have been some issues in the production of AirPods Studio and that apparently certain "key features" have been trimmed, although we're not sure what they could be. It seems that Apple still has several things to work on before the final units are ready.

It seems these hiccups were big enough where Prosser said the delay could be so big that he claims the headphones won't be ready to ship until December "at best", suggesting that it may be pushed back to 2021 instead . It's actually interesting to see just how much trouble Apple is having with the rumored AirPods Studio.


Big hiccups in AirPods Studio production 😬

Some important functions have now been shortened.

Seems like they need to sort out a few things before we have the final units.

Looks like they won't be ready for dispatch at BEST until December.

– Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) October 14, 2020

However, it has been rumored that these are more than just regular headphones that could explain some of the issues at hand. There's no way get yourself hoping to see it anytime soon, although the good news is that the AirTags launch has been postponed as a result and could potentially be released in November.

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