In recent days, multiple users of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone have been permanently banned from online multiplayer, and then banned.

Earlier this week, game forums, Twitch chats, and Twitter were full of players around the world who said Activision's Infinity Ward had permanently closed their Call of Duty accounts. While Infinity Ward didn't provide details on the bans, the move came just a few days after Twitch streamer shared videos of players who cheated in the game. One player even cheated on Twitch, causing the viewer to react in chat.

Oddly, some of the players banned earlier this week noticed that their accounts were being restored on Thursday. Again Infinity Ward couldn't say why. These players said they had not cheated at all and were confused as to why their accounts were deactivated. It is possible, they postulated on Reddit, that Infinity Ward incorrectly included non-fraudsters in its crackdown.

Fraud has been a common problem in Call of Duty’s online multiplayer since last year’s launch. Infinity Ward acknowledged the problem in a blog post in April, saying fraudsters were "not welcome in Call of Duty Warzone." At the time, Infinity Ward said it had banned 70,000 people worldwide.

The company has blocked more accounts since then, but didn't specify how many.

Since Infinity Ward has not commented on its final steps and has not responded to a request from Digital Trends for comments, it is unclear what it produced.

While fraud needs to be addressed in Call of Duty online multiplayer, Infinity Ward also said last month that it would address racially insensitive and offensive gamertags. The company added that it would expand its surveillance and make it easier for players to notify moderators if they are molested.

It is possible, though not confirmed, that at least some of the accounts dropped this week violated these revised rules.

In any case, a “Permaban” is a difficult pill for the players. According to Activision's guidelines, players cannot deny bans, attempt to reverse them, or even receive a refund for previous purchases. All progress on combat passes and in-game challenges will also be lost.

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